Magister Adams has been a member of the Temple of Set for almost 20 years. He has worked hard to fight against those who have little to no knowledge of the Temple of Set to defame it publicly. By producing and hosting KHPR: The Voice of Darkness he is giving a voice to those who travel the left hand path toward self transformation a voice in this world that others would not like you to hear. KHPR: The Voice of Darkness is in no way funded or owned by the Temple of Set. It is simply one man’s voice who is a member of the Temple.

He is a warrior of Set.

  • Iorgu Gabriel

    Iorgu Gabriel
    From Europe
    City: Ahens

    I spent the last few years searching for some answers ,reading the Bible ,Quran Torah,studying Scientology and reading about other cults like CoS ,ToV finaly I reached the Temple of Set.

    I searched and readed about the Temple , but I considered that will better to ask for advice ,what book(s) should I read to understand about the black magic.
    Ther is members of the Temple in Greece?