Today, the last day of 2010 we bring you a lecture that was give by Magister Doug Pridgen at our last Conclave this year. As you might remember, Magister Pridgen did an earlier interview with me on Philosophy. Here’s to the end of 2010 and you’ll be hearing more in 2011!

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  • Ariman

    I enjoyed Doug Pridgen’s insightful talk immensely. However, I have one issue which goes to the heart of the whole discussion on ethics. Doug is disparaging of ‘altruism’, yet Dr.Aquino uses presisely this term in the interview broadcast on this show just a few months ago. To quote Dr.Aquino (more or less accurately I hope) ‘the more you go within yourself, the nicer you become, the more altruistic’´ I understood this to be perfectly consistent with a left hand path approach for this reason : helping others is actually usually ‘disguised selfishness’, i.e altrusism is therefore a form of enlightened selfishness, designed to actually increase your sovereignty, power and survival prospects. Would Doug like to expand on this point ?