Ogham is a little understood Gaelic written language that was used for magical purposes by the elder Irish. Today we have Priestess Siobhan McGowan and Adept William Melmoth talking about their research with the Oghamic Studies Group, now known as the An Bradán Feasa Element within the Temple of Set. We also go into the usage in magic of Ogham in practical as well as divination that surprisingly is a more modern representation.

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  • Kait

    Ive really enjoyed listening to this piece. I was curious about the photo displayed here, what is it from? Location?

  • William Melmoth

    For those who wish to further study Irish Ogham an its connections to Irish Cosmology I recommend the following texts. These books give a balanced discussion and analysis of Celtic studies without falling into the ‘new age’ traps of many writers in the genre.

    The Book of Ogham, Written by: Michael Kelly

    Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Rowan Laurie (Paperback – July 31, 2007).

    Sacred Cauldron by Tadhg MacCrossan (Paperback – Jan 1, 1951).



  • Brian

    Interesting podcast! I am glad to see another one of these podcasts as I have found them quite enjoyable and informative.

    Xeper and Remanifest,


  • echatas

    Great episode, but it strikes me that you guys know better than to call the Ogham “Runes.” So why are you calling them that in your show title?

  • admin

    If you look closely we don’t call them that. We used the term “Gaelic Magical Runes” so that people will understand they they have some similarities with runes, but they aren’t. I don’t mean any insult, but it would be like saying, “Velveeta, it’s like Cheese!”

  • kevin McCullagh

    Hi Siobhan and william,thank you for the inspiring introduction to Ogham.
    The sculpture is beautiful and highly creative and is an inspiration to my own”i was on the computer one evening and then i was looking at the sculpture,it had being a a few years since my last visit to Xeper and there it was a mirror” this is the orignal http://www.labyrinthlocator and search spain.