Rather appropriately, the day after Valentine’s Day Magister Mark Luskin and I talk about sex magic and some of the odd things about it as well as some of the good things about it. It’s hard for use to stay serious at times, but when it comes down to it, sex in and of itself is a truly magical act. We cover some of the historical inaccuracies, aphrodisiacs and how they don’t work, as well as how you can discover more of yourself by trying a few new things you might not have thought of before.

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  • Jim

    So I’m lurking. Thinking. Listening. Considering coming out of my cave to get a better look at this Temple of yours.

    I have to wonder; does the value, and brilliance, of the mocked “wank with turd” ritual not strike you immediately? The potential?

    If this isn’t the right place, where’s right to probe at this a little more to decide my level of interest? I’m better with living brains than dead text.

  • admin

    It wasn’t mockery, it was funny. It was also rather fetishistic in many ways. Was it true sex magic? Maybe. Was it definitely sex magic. No.

  • Jim

    I suppose “mocked” was a bit strong. I was just struck by the resemblance to Vamachara, all that Aghori Baba Left Hand Tantra I love so much.

    It struck me as wonderful because, barring impending employment in sanitation or septic drainage, he could have no practical reason for annihilating his revulsion of his own waste. Om Namah Shivaya, destroy to become. This is the magic I do, and the magic I want. Is it here?

  • Mark Luskin

    There’s a bit of the old and sadly antiquated in the late Dr. Hyatt’s theraputic approach. Forcing the pathologically avoidant to play with feces made sense up until we learned about Neuroplasticity and that there were options other than brain damage to set one free of compulsions.

  • sht

    I need some movies about the temple of set to watch
    who can send for me?

  • Really enjoyed this series of podcasts. I learned a lot about the Temple and it made me want to do more research. Was this the final episode or will you be putting out more shows?

  • Sampson Simpson

    I haven’t finished listening yet but I think you might be throwing the baby out with the bathwater with faith. You are pointing out the negative power that they’ve used faith for to close peoples minds et cetera, but it’s actually neutral, at least in my view. I don’t fully understand your belief system yet Setians, but I imagine faith could be a very positive thing to have in your Set. The placebo effect is very powerful, yes? You can tell someone with cancer an empty capsule is the new cure for cancer and have their tumors shrink, or you can tell a person who’s been diagnosed by a quack with some fake mental illness that they’re gonna need the drugs forever and be retarded, both will have powerful effects on their consciousness and new reality. It’s the same thing with faith I think.

  • If you 

  • If you are interested in how Dr. Hyatt used the idea of Brain Chance see http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8685900848583329138 in particular his discussion of how the neo-cortex is wired to take in signals form the back-brain but not that well wired to send them.  As far as methods for brain change check into Jeffery M. Schwartz’ work particularly his book _The Mind and the Brain_.

  • Sadly placebo cures for cancer don’t have that kind of effect. There is a good discussion of this at http://www.cancer.org/Treatment/TreatmentsandSideEffects/TreatmentTypes/placebo-effect  Also I think it is telling that your examples of faith in action both use belief in falsehoods as examples of the power of faith.  Perhaps that is the problem itself, that faith so often means belief in falsehoods.

  • Sig

    God invented sex but only the devil knew what to do with it.