Today we talk with Magister Doug Pridgen on how he uses Philosophy in his initiatory path of self-transformation.

Magister Pridgen talk about his initiatory influence from classical philosophers such as Pythagoras, Aristotle and Socrates and how they have effected his life. We also talk about philosophy as a foundation to self-transformation and how it is a necessary tool for Setians to know how to use correctly and not to become “arm chair philosophers.”

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  • Mark Luskin

    One of my favorite introductory text for people interested in Philosophy but haven’t been exposed to it is _Looking At Philosophy: The Unbearable Heaviness of Philosophy Made Lighter by Donald Palmer. It starts with the Pre-Socratic and moves briskly through to the 20th Century.

    For those more inclined to listening over reading a series of excellent lectures on Philosophy by the late Rick Roderick, PhD, can be found at

  • Aldritek Arkadius

    I found myself here as I researched on the philosophy of darkness…not an oft met topic. It interests me to learn how others analyze these concepts, and to share my own analysis.

    Though it appears that this is a discussion of philosophy in general as it applies to self acknowledgment and growth, one cannot remove such fundamental ideas as light and dark from any discussion on the human condition.

    If you care to read a brief take:

  • George Stokoe

    A great talk! Magister Pridgen mentions Theology of Arithmetic. I really like another one by Iamblichus as well, On the Mysteries, a kind of Theougists’ Manual.

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