Today I had the rare privilege of having Dr. Aquino in my studio for an interview on the founding of the Temple of Set. During the interview we talk about many aspects of the Temple that he puts into words that people outside the Temple of Set will have no problems understanding.

We speak about the word he received as a Magus—Xeper. What it means and how one applies it as wellas just what exactly Set is. This is a question I receive frequently when people see a reference to Set as a “literal being.”

Dr. Aquino gave a fascinationg interview, one that I would have to say bordered on being a lecture about what the Temple is because I felt it would be best to just sit back and let him talk. My commentary in response to what he had to say was minimal as I just wanted to let him go at it and give us what is locked up inside his brain.

Note to listeners: This would have been recorded better, but I noticed half way through that I had a mic failure and you’re actually hearing him from about three feet away from my mic, but I believe I managed to compensate for it over all in the end, or as they say “it was fixed in the mix.”

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  • Ricardo Santos

    Congratulations for this thought provoking podcast.

    i have one question. is The book of Coming forth by night only available to TOS menbers ?


    Ricardo Santos

    p.s – TOS General Information and Admissions Policies was very well translated to Portuguese and that was quite a pleasent surprise.

  • Mark Luskin

    Hi Ricardo,

    _The Book of Coming Forth by Night_ is included in Dr. Aqunio’s _Temple of Set_ Memoir along with a discussion about its reception and a commentary on the text itself. You can find this book in pdf at

  • not

    That book is *not* listed at that URL

  • not

    Excuse me, my mistake…I was looking for a direct reference at that URL…it is within the pdf –

  • Having studied a multitude of religons and “non-religions”, I ask you what I ask the “leaders” (whatever their followers call them); what if you are WRONG? What if you are TERRIBLY WRONG? Hypothetically speaking, of course?

  • Alex

    This man speaks with authenticity and intelligence. He is without doubt sincere. It is fascinating how the media, both mainstream and frige, have managed to have no grasp of him or what he stands for. Fascinating, but no surprising…

  • Alex

    They discovered the bridge… I have also discovered it. It is real, and the Berkeleyan intersubjective space with asymmetrically collapsable quantum fields. It is the only way. It is very dynamic, much like the being channelled by a fellow who calls himself “Bashar” has indicated. I am thrilled to hear that Dr. Aquino has long ago understood this, because I have also discovered it and then developed the axiomatic analysis of this reality.

  • Alex

    YES. And because of the one-way channeling of power, information, choice, decision between the “I” and the body of flesh, because of this it is obvious why we transcend at will and can perform magic! Beautifully worked out by the gentleman wizard!

  • John

    Was impressed with Dr Aquinos precision articulation and challenge to conventional thought. I would like a definition of BLACK MAGIC in the way Dr Aquino refers to it.

  • Reawakened

    An excellent and clear expounding of what is essentially a Neoplatonic philosophical worldview. However, if there is one issue with the Temple it is the veneer of the Satanic that it still retains. Not, it must be said, that it is used ostentatiously but there is still an emphasis on the Temple’s origins and a use of imagery easily associated in the general consciousness with Satanism which perhaps would put off the kinds of people who would enrich the Temple while attracting those who are perhaps not the most enriching along with negative media attention. This is particularly the case as, based on Aqunio’s views expressed here and in Black Magic, such imagery is essentially superfluous. 

  • just a few random atoms…

    if as he says being part of or at one with god prevents us from standing away from and percieving the whole and subsequently prevents empowerment as an individual – surley this must aplly to the one-ness with set that he says is the purpose of communion with set….

  • Visgodred

    I am not a memeber. But it seems to me that the veneer is useful in attracting exactly the sort of people best suited to benefit from the temple. Because of our culture, the beginning occultist has difficulty identifying with system of belief outside the context of a judeo-christian paradigm. Satanism is a first step for those turning their back on the assumptions of our culture. We walk in the dark toward that first rebel hoping for kinship with an entity/ideology/community. Some of us walk down the path to cleanse ourselves of our indoctrination by seeking out those things most maligned by convention. We witnessed the savage caprice of the “light” and perceived that it’s proponents feared the “dark”, so we walked toward the black flame. We walked past the juvenile, the angry, and the emotionally crippled that litter the sides of the left hand path as they lay claim to satan shaping him in the likeness of their illnesses. As we pass them we shed the emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves that tied us to the Judeo-christian paradigm. When the paradigm is purged the symbology that guided us remains.  It is no wonder that the temple holds some fondness for talismans of it’s early journeys. That veneer is the thing that says to the seeker “These where the guide posts of our journey, here is community at last”. 

  • The3ofDiamonds

    Incredible! Incredible! Incredible!  This is exactly what I needed to hear at this phase of my life.  This was wisdom.  This is the path I’ve been on.  These were missing keys I needed to help me wrap my head around the Mysterious of the Temple and The Prince of Darkness.  Wow!  Thank you!  Xeper!

  • Anonymous

    Glad we could be of help.

  • The3ofDiamonds

    I think it’s incredible how things manifest.  Years back when I first read Don Webb’s Uncle Senakt’s Essential Guide I decided to perform the Initiation Ritual.  I looked at the calendar and realized that if I started the next day I would actually complete the Ritual on the sacred night on the eve of May.  Walpurgisnacht.  I thought that was Magical.
    I truly grew and liberated myself from a lot of old ways and ideas after that.  I spent years on my own journey.  Studying many different points of view.  Now I find myself drawn back to Set.  And just last night, one hour before midnight, I decide to pick up The Seven Faces of Darkness.  I turn to page 47.  Setian Holidays.  And there I see July 29th (today) is Set’s Birthday.  I was honestly moved.  lol

  • Helios-Apollo-Dionysus-Bacchus

    Hmmm-General Aquino-Grand Sovereign master of the DIA and Black Arts! Ah, such power as to be intoxicating; let there be blood and let us drink of the young ones, and let us worship the bang and clang of night dogs gnashing teeth and wolves that howl through the Aeons until our Master Reigns Supreme from Saturn over Earth and every form of filth and every Being!

  • Anonymous

    Fixed in the mix. Yessir. Good work. 😉 Last week or so I warned myself away from the ToS because of the controversy of this identity; but hearing the voice of a man usually dispels the demons of public projection… hey, you just reminded me of the Purifier from Riddick – we all began as something else. ;(

  • Ambrosius1111

    Check out Allen Saulnier’s novel, The War in Heaven.  It is the story of Satan being expelled from Heaven from Satan’s point of view. Pazuzu, Lilith also play large roles. 

  • Roseann

    This isn’t really a comment on this particular episode of KHPR, just a general question. At the time of this episode’s release, it had been approximately seven years since Zeena Schreck left the Temple of Set and co-founded the Sethian Liberation Movement. While such an organization is a separate entity, I’m wondering about the possibility of doing an episode about this. To clarify, what was the Temple of Set’s reaction to such a schism, how has this affected the organization since, etc. I should also clarify that I’m not trying to bring up bad memories – if they even exist – but rather just to satiate my curiosity. 

  • Gama Xul

    Being protected under the national security blanket has its advantages, Mr. Aquino. Secrecy has always been the tool of the left hand path. The veil will be lifted with the repeal of the NSA of 1947, and you and your kind will come to an end.

  • I really enjoyed this…and iv had an aversion to TOS because i viewed it as just another version of religion…but Aquino’s notions or descriptions of the archetypes of existence really rings true…only hope all of the other crap I read about him is not true

  • Guest

    Damn this is interesting.

  • X Sehidic

    Damn this is interesting.
    It’s really fascinating to suddenly come in contact with something that issues the same questions as myself, even though that the core of this philosophy is very different from mine (as far as I know right now, I’m going to do more research) the outcome is seems to be quite much the same.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what I can learn from this.